Kapeta, is a 10 year old kid who loves racing. But due to his dad's low wages he can't buy a kart. So his dad makes a kart for him. This is the start of the great Kapeta. In his first race he meets his arch rival, Minamoto and its about how both of them reach the F1 This is story about 10-year old boy named Taira Capeta, who loves racing since his father bought toy racing car. But, his father doesn't have enough money for buy a new go-kart. When his father working in kart track, he amazed and saw old spare-part and asked to kart track owner to brought it. Since he had go-kart from his father, Capeta have a dream: to be F1 driver. Even Capeta face lots of problem, he never give up to his ambition.

Genre: Animation , Sport


Country: Japan

Duration: 30 min

Quality: SD


IMDb: 8.9